Episode 50: Greatest Hits

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Podcast West Seattle
Podcast West Seattle
Episode 50: Greatest Hits

It’s the 50th Episode of Podcast West Seattle! We take a walk down memory lane looking at some highlights from the past 49 episodes of the podcast. We revisit the West Seattle Pizza Tournament and the West Seattle Coffee Tournament. Reminiscing about 30 Years of Easy Street Records and Cafe with Matt Vaughn. The West Seattle Farmers Market Makes an appearance. Also included are Busking During Quarantine and West Seattle Baseball Pee-Wee Fields. Plus a very special bonus clip!

Thanks to all of the businesses and organizations appearing in this episode, which includes: Pegasus Pizza, Christos Pizza, Sopranos Pizza, Pizzeria Credo, Freshy’s, Ampersand, C&P, Easy Street Records and Cafe, The West Seattle Farmers Market, and West Seattle Baseball.

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Publish on: Friday, Nov 05
Written By: Andrew Stuckey
Episode Type: audio

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